Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday.....blah blah blah blah blah....

Hello, well back again day started at 3:47am, no my Marine didn't call my baby girl was ready to get up and start her day .....

So, we got up breakfast, showered and off to work. I was ready for a nap by the time I got there.

We had a crazy day today (I'm going to take pics of the gals tomorrow and post them up so you'll know who I'm talking about). For those of you that don't know I work for a busy cardiology practice, located in Pawtucket, RI...I do the billing/coding ~ oh yeah! Anyway patient statements went out over the weekend so every silly old person in the state of Rhode Island called to discuss, dispute or just flat out say they weren't going to pay. And, really, how can you argue with somebody who can't even remember that they came to the office in the first place?

Well, after a day of hell I needed some retail therapy....see what I got????

Shhhhhhhh....don't tell the big guy!!!!!! Got them for my girlfriends daughters wedding, did you get all of that? I'll show you the dress another day, I love to shop!!!!

When I got in I was greeted at the door by yup you guessed it, Bailey. She had quite the afternoon for herself. She ate a wicker basket, a magazine, my new Old Navy flip flop (just the right one so I can still wear the left and hop all about), last week she ate my white pair and then she threw-up on my new area rug, grrrrrrr!
now she's downstairs trying to eat her "baby"....such fun!

O.k., I have to get over to Facebook and check on my farm, so see ya'll tomorrow (hehehehe, inside joke) oh and ya'll come back now ya hea'!

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  1. Girl...I love those shoes!!! Retail theropy is always good for a long day at work!! I LOVE TO SHOP!!!! You have a great day and can't wait to read more!! I love getting to know you better!