Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yay For Thursday.......

It's been a long week, two late night meetings and an early morning meeting today makes for one cranky Lynda!

We have had rain here off and on all week...hopefully these April showers will be bringing the May flowers. I look out at the grass in the yard every day and I keep hoping to notice a change...a few more weeks and it will be think and green!

Weigh in tomorrow morning, YIKES!!! Fingers crossed!!

Hope that you all have had a great week, one more day to the weekend ~ YAHOO!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Yay for Fridays ....TGIF! And Good Luck on the weigh in...Remember ...any loss at all is not a is a GAIN!!! lol...out of context that would not make sense!!! But we know what we mean. Jonny says TAKE IT OFF SLOWLY MOM...TAKE IT OFF SLOWLY. It will most likely NOT come back if you DON'T drop it off fast.
    He doesn't want me losing more than a pound a week...and so it goes...I seem to be right on HUGS!!!!!!

  2. It is really green here... it actually snow/rain/hailed yesterday! Dang global warming. ;D Have a great day and I love you! I hope you did good on the weighin!!!

  3. Well, I hope you are enjoying your weekend:) I just got in today from my trip and have SERIOUS jet lag! I am trying to catch up with my BLOG Sustas:)

    Love you bunches and YEAH on weight loss! HUGS!