Friday, November 12, 2010

Where's The Bird....????

Mr. P hasn’t had much free time this week to get out with his Best Girl “The Unstoppable Ms. B”, he has been doing some contracting work on the side and it has taken up all of his free time this week! HE has been so tired, he’s been heading right over to the job when he gets out of work (he’s a third-shifter) ~ he knew that he wouldn’t have much free time on Saturday so he hurried home early this afternoon loaded up his truck, grabbed Ms. B and away they went!

I was home and in the kitchen when he ran in, she didn’t come to greet him at the door. I think she was mad at him, but, as soon as she heard the crack of that shotgun she ran in and waited at the door. HE hooked up her collar, she was so happy she was shaking…what a pair they make!

As they drove out of the drive way he was waving & she had her head sticking out “Her” window.

They were successful once again; she is making up for missing out last year!
A few pictures of her Bird!!

She was so proud of her bird, I kept leaning down to snap pictures and got the bird in the face a few times! When she was finished showing off she dropped it at my feet and nudged it to me! I guess that was my reward for being such a good "mom" ~ LOL!

Mr. P cleaned it up and will be making a stew with it.

Junking tomorrow ~ YAHOO!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Wow, that Ms. B is serious about her bird:) Love it that she is getting to do what she loves! Wish I could go junking with your, one of these days... I WILL! Enjoy your evening and your weekend! Love you!

  2. Awwww...Loving to do what she does best!..and having a blast. A man and his truck....A man and his dawg..... But a man and his dawg in his truck going hunting...Guess they both would say it doesn't get any better than THAT!!! Have fun JUNKIN' woot!
    My house is half empty. I am just hanging out working on some projects gathering dust they've been sitting around so long. Hugs for a fun weekend.

  3. Oh Sweetie...
    I love Ms.B and she is so stinkin proud of herself. Just look at her. Isn't it funny how our critters get used to a sound, and they know, just know when it is time to go. I can see her sitting in her seat, peering out her window, just waiting to get there. And wasn't she proud of herself when she got home?

    Oh I just love it. Tonight DH took Bruiser for a ride to the quick shop and when they got back, dear Bruiser refused to get out of the truck. He loves to ride and earlier DH wouldn't take him, so he was refusing to get out. I went out there, opened the door, pointed, down went the head, and out he came. He doesn't fool Momma one bit. Not one bit.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Ms B. I am always so tickled to see what you are up to over here.

    Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  4. She looks so happy with that bird. I'm glad that they were able to have fun bagging their bird.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I loved your post! I know when Papa is home and he grabs his truck keys, Toby gets so excited. He loves his papa time! If we grab the leash it is the same excitement. Don't we just love our pets? Have a great weekend! xoxo