Monday, November 1, 2010

Making Travel Plans.....

Making Thanksgiving travel plans for our Marine ~ CAN I GET A BIG OOHRAH!!!!

We are all so happy & thankful that Billy will be home with us this Thanksgiving. That first year after Boot was special, last year was not the same without him & this year knowing what he has done & where he has been and where he will soon be heading is making me one very very THANKFUL Marin Momma!

He keeps going over the Thanksgiving Menu every time we talk, says he starving for stuffing & homemade pie :)

On another note it was FRIGID here this morning ~ 32 degrees YIKES!!!!

I wore my winter coat and big fuzzy mittens!! Not much warmer here tonight!

Going to snuggle up by the fireplace for a bit.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. I know...I am so excited about the holidays this year!!! We got Justins leave times today and we are gonna just enjoy every day we have together! For we know what we both will be going through next year!! :(

    Stay warm sweetie!! I love you bunches!!

  2. I know you'll have a blast having that Marine home for Thanksgiving. It doesn't surprise me that he wants his momma to cook all his favorites. He's gotta enjoy that home cooking when he can. ;)

    I'll send you some of our warm weather to try to help warm you up. :)

  3. YES, we are thankful ours will be here too! It sure makes the ole heart THANKFUL!

    Love you bunches and I wish I could pop in for Thanksgiving at your house:)

  4. Well, you better get busy and make lots and lots of extra of his favorites!