Monday, November 8, 2010

SNOW WHAT...........!!

Not a lot just an inch, just enough to make me have to dig out the ice scraper and the salt...not fun! IT warmed up a bit over night and rained so when the temps went down everything froze over ~ GRRR!!

Ms. B has had a bit of "Tummy Trouble" over the past few days so she was up VERY EARLY this morning, we got up and headed down so she could go out! When I turned on the back light and opened the blinds and she saw the snow on the deck she went BANANAS!!!! She wouldn't come back in. I had to bundle up and go get her, it was only 3:15am!! Well, knowing that the deck was covered in that white stuff made for one very BAD little dog. She kept jumping off the bed and yanking on the blankets until I gave up and went back down with her so she could go out and slide around in the slop!

The pink pig came along for the adventure, she forgot it out there so I had to go and retrieve it, she was wet and she stuck to the deck ~ what a "momma" doesn't do for her baby, even if she is four legged and covered in fur ~ LOL!!

The snow is all gone and Ms. B is curled up downstairs sleeping & I'm heading off to bed!

Hope that you have a great night!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. The life of a fur-mama...gotta love em...after you beg, plead, yell, lecture, threaten, cry, BRIBE.... and finally they come. waggin' that little tail behind them like happy little snowbears... OH how mine love the snow. And they get SO messy... (3:15!!!!!!!) you ARE a good mama. lol....Ms. B is just a happy puppy dawg, I know that. Hope you got some more sleep. Probably made for a terrible horrible rotten no-good very bad MONDAY for Mrs. P!!!
    Ms. B was probably thinkin' today...WHAT'S wrong with her?????????????!!!!!! Have a BETTER night. Hope the tummy distress is all gone so she will sleep tonite and NOT be looking for more white stuff....!!!! Hugs!

  2. I can't believe you got snow!!! I do love to see the snow come in as long as it doesn't lock me in the house for too long and here in Georgia...the amount you got woud have shut us down for the day!! hehe!! We don't know how to drive or walk or anything in not even an inch!!

    Get some rest and enjoy your day!! Love you bunchs!!

  3. YIKES Snow! It makes me even colder just thinking about it! You are such a good Mama to go out in the cold for the piggy:) Cindy is correct, even the word snow down here, makes it crazy and shuts us down:) Happy it is gone and you are back to normal::) Have a blessed day my friend! Love you bunches!

  4. **giggle** Guess she loves the snow. My puppy loves snow. He likes to catch snowballs. I've had to go out for beloved toys left outside, so, yes, we'll do anything for our fur babies. ;)

    Sorry that you had to miss out on sleep due to the snow.

  5. Your post made me laugh... she turns into a puppy again with snow, doesn't she? She actually pulls off your blankets? Now that is funny! We sure love our doggies, huh? Have a great day and get some rest! xoxo