Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Thanksgiving....

Our Thanksgiving in pictures....

Maybe not, blogger is not being very cooperative tonight ~ GRRRRRR & I have so many great pictures to share with all of you! Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow!!


  1. Darn Blogger...I wanna see pictures of the family up there:) Try again tomorrow and I'll be watching and waiting! Love you all! I know it was WONDERFUL! HUGS!

  2. I had that problem the other night! Can't wait to see all your pictures! xoxo

  3. I hate when I am having problems with the blogger thing and get done what I wanna do!! Oh well, that is life!! I will just be patient and wait until later!! I love you and I am so happy that you had your family with you for Thanksgiving!!

    I love you bunches!

  4. Hi Sweetie...
    I hate it when that happens. It's like having a present and you can only look at it, but can't touch it.

    I will be watching and waiting. Can't wait to see the photos. I want to see the family.

    Stay warm and safe sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry