Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Me Take You On A Tour.....

Nikky & Mike's new home, isn't it sweet?!

The view from the outside looking in...their living room, dining room, family room/office and the back deck, their sweet little kitchen!

It's just the sweetest house; they have two full baths one downstairs and one upstairs. Mr. P was painting the master bedroom so I wasn't allowed to get in there and snap some pics...we worked all day Friday and Saturday. Their furniture is being delivered throughout the week and we’ll be back over there next Saturday to help them some more. Mr. P has a few painting projects over there throughout the week...stay tuned more pictures to follow!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. Well, lookie here who I see... MY FRIEND LYNDA! I have missed you:) I love, love, love their new house! Isn't that just the most exciting thing? What a sweet house and I am so proud for them and happy, happy, happy! Hope Billy is doing good, praying for that sweet Son of yours! Have a blessed day, HUGS and love you bunches!

  2. What a lovely house! I know they've got to be super excited about settling in. :)

  3. I love there house!! Will you tell Mr. P that I need some painting done when he gets finished there!! :) Hope all is well...miss you!! Have a great you!!

  4. Oh, that is a great home! I love the floors! I bet she is excited to move in! Praying God blesses their home with lots of love, peace and laughter! Good to hear from you again! xoxo

  5. WOOT!! awesome first house for a deserving and sweet couple I am SURE!!! I know they must be busting out with excitement. I remember getting into our first house...such a wonderful memory.
    They will have fun putting their personality and unique stamp on's all about feathering!!! yay!!! AND YOU GET TO HELP!!! FUN FUN...course Mr. P is getting that hard stuff. PAINTING!!!@#%*...uh..right about now around HERE... that word is ANATHAMA...* a thing detested or loathed, cursed or consigned to damnation or destruction.
    Bless his heart!!!......One more room and I AM DONE DONE DONE...Painting a whole house inside is insane!!!!!!! Gotta do what ya gotta do. Helping someone you love fix up their first dream home though...priceless... lotta LOVE going around up there. HUGS to you and thanks for sharing the pretty will soon be a HOME! :-) xoxo
    praying for MR. Billy.....