Friday, May 13, 2011

What Have I Gotten Myself Into.....????

Oh girls, first of all ~ HI HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING???

This is what I spent my evenings doing...calling elderly cardiac patients and asking them to pay their bills :/ not fun! The collection agency that we hired has done a terrible job so I offered to help out until they hire a new one...The extra money will be NICE but it's breaking my heart, my puppy misses me & I miss her so much, Mr. P is so upset that I am working late.

I'm thinking maybe two or three more weeks and then I'm done. I'm too tired, my day starts at 4:30am & I'm not getting home until after eight! It's too much for me, I'm too tired!

Tomorrow, my babycakes will be going turkey hunting & I'll be doing what I do best ~ SHOP nuff' said LOL!

HOpefully I'll be back & hugs to all of you!


  1. Oh that is a tough job! I would be paying the bills for them:) TOO MUCH WORK:( I hope you enjoy your shopping trip, that is fun to me and you deserve SOME fun! Love you bunches and happy to hear from you:) Ganky

  2. need to slow down!! I know that it helps to keep your mind off things but you are gonna wear yourself out! I hope you enjoy your day of deserve it!! You get you some rest and with that extra money...plan a trip to GEORGIA!!!!

  3. It is good to earn some extra money sometimes..for a special trip, or getaway, or wardrobe, or room makeover, but don't keep the pace up too long or you will be burnt out....I did that once when we were first married to earn money for an extra mattress set cause we had overnight company coming . After 6 weeks, I quit!! I had my money and got my mattress set. rah! Missed being with my hubby! Life is too short...! but extra shopping money for you! :-) Hugs to you. I'm a happy Marine mama..He hated the ship life!! Twenty foot swells during stormy weather, and he said he got less sleep on the boat at times than he did in Afghanistan!!! The clearance on his rack was from his elbow to the top of his knuckle, so you rolled in and out of it...and could strap yourself in if the ship was pitching... glad he's back...Have fun shopping..

  4. I hate asking for money! I'm glad that isn't part of my job! YOU take care of yourself!!!! That is what you would tell me if I was working too hard. You do need some shop therapy to relax. Have a good rest of the week. I am catching up!!! xoxo