Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plantings & Mr. P's Picking Finds......

I spent Saturday afternoon with Nikky, we went to BJ's so that she could stock up on supplies for her new house! Everything should be finalized the week after next and then they get their keys, YAY YAY YAHOOOO!!! They are so excited & happy! Mr. P will be heading over to paint and I'll be going over to help them clean and organize! We haven't seen their house yet, Nikky wanted to be able to show us when it was officially theirs so we've been chomping at the bit waiting to get in their and see it!

While I was out with Nikky Mr. P went out to Wareham, Massachusetts to go picking with a friend of his! They were going to an estate sale and then to a few thrift stores in search of hunting/fishing equipment...why I'm not sure he has soooo much! Well he decided that he didn't need any but scooped up the little iron and stand and the shoe for me! SO sweet, thank you sweetie!

This morning I went out to the garden shop and picked up some flowers, I'm not very goo with them so we'll see how long that last! For now anyway my front flower boxes look pretty!

Billy called yesterday afternoon while I was out with Nikky, I spoke to him for a few minutes and then Nikky talked to him. When I got the phone back my phone was beeping low battery. I had Billy's truck so I was without a charger, it went dead!!! I was shouting BILLY BILLY, I love you :/ but he didn't' hear me...I was so upset! He called back but it went to voicemail :/ stupid phone, it hasn't been keeping a charge!! Time for a new phone!!

Well, I have to run need to get ready for my work week! If I don't make it back here until the weekend know that I'm always thinking of all of you!

Love & hugs to all of you!!!


  1. WAY TO GO MR. P for thinking of your sweetie, and he did GOOD!!!! The flowers and hostas are absolutely gorgeous...I hope they live!!! Love the flying flags...RAH!!!!!!!!God bless and protect Billy Platt!!!! xoxoxo hugs...

  2. Hi there sweet Lynda, I thought I heard someone yelling Billy's name... that was you! I know he heard you, if not with his ears... with his heart!

    Sounds like you guys have lots of fun things happening up there! Can't wait to see the new house! Great finds Mr. P! That was sweet to bring you home some goodies!

    Love you bunches dear Lynda! BIG HUGS!

  3. Oh, that would make me crazy to have my phone die during such an important call!!! Love your flower beds! They look so nice! Good job, sistah! Love you and have a great week!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend overall.

    I've had the phone thing happen while D was deployed. I promptly went to the cell phone store and they gave (yep, you read that right) me a new phone when they heard what had happened. ;)

    Love the new flowers. They look beautiful.

  5. Enjoyed catching up on your blog tonight....