Friday, May 20, 2011

Psssssssst....I've Got A Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I've got a secret & it's been killing me not to tell you all BUTTTTTTTTTTT here goes!!!!


It's just the sweetest most darling house you could ever imagine, I can't wait until they are all settled in and they let me take you on a tour! Hopefully they will be in by the middle of next month & we'll be having a good old fashioned moving them in party...I'm going to take a day of two off to help them out with some things! It's just beautiful and has recently been updated so YAY YAY YAY for our beautiful daughter and our wonderful son-in-law!

We are so proud of them!!!

Other than that same old same old here...working late & not liking it so much, I think that it's just too much I am worn out tonight! Made a pizza and a nice big salad for dinner & now we're just relaxing!

See everyone tomorrow!!!


  1. YAY and RAH and WOOOOOOOOT!!!! Hurray for the newlyweds...What a big moment in life...I can still remember that. Know you are uber-excited and will have fun! Hugs and rest for you this weekend and prayers for Billy Platt!

  2. WOW, how exciting! I am tickled pink for those two! Can't wait to see it! Way to go Nikky and Mike! Love you bunches dear Lynda, stop working so much:) HUGS!