Friday, June 24, 2011

Meeting Marine Families....

From left to right: Chris, Kerry & me ~ TADA!!

Chris & Kerry are Marine parents too...Chris lives in Georgia and has been up here just down the road from me all this past week! Kerry lives just over the line in Connecticut!

Chris' son Blake was KIA on 1 September 2010 in Afghanistan ~ I "met up" with the two of them via Marine Parents and then facebook. We would chit-chat into the night & email and talk on the phone but we had never met in person. Chris "spent the night" with me when Billy was stranded in Okinawa ~ LOL I can laugh now but that night & long long weekend not so much ;)

When Chris' son was killed Kerry messaged me to let me know, I was unable to make it to the services and my heart was breaking for the Rodgers family.

Chris his wife Jane and their beautiful daughter Emily have a strength that is just amazing and they are the kindest sweetest people I have ever met, yes MET! We got together this past Tuesday for our official "Meet & Greet" ~ we laughed, talked, cried, hugged, laughed & cried some more! It was a beautiful night & it was such an honor to meet them.

I have Chris and Jane a little taste of Fall River sent them packing with some treats and a bottle of Portuguese Port Wine...Chris had a memory shirt made for me, R.E.D. of course in memory of our hero Blake. I wore it today with pride!

God Bless you Rodgers family, please know that Blake is ALWAYS REMEMBERED & Will never never be forgotten....


  1. Awwww. that is AWESOME!!!!!!! So glad for you for that memory making moment in your life..Marine families, Marine Mamas...we got each other's backs...we have to. They take care of their own...we take care of our own. Hugs to you dear MMS..Thanks for all of your comments..RAH for your stand in the parking lot!!!double RAH!

    Justin let me know last week when he got back from week long in the field training week ONE, that he hadn't showered in 6 days, had mosquito bites and chiggers and Poison Ivy all over his body, and was full of Allegra, but he would be all right!..
    Told me when they went kayaking down the canals along Camp LeJeune, they saw Gators,,,,gah...Great..a bunch of Marines looking for adventure and they see GATORS...
    Thanks for praying for Sgt. Raaz...last I heard he had his entire right leg taken and the left was either to the ankle or knee....waiting to hear more...His mom's name is Julie too...HUGS TO YOU!!!!praying for Billy!!!!!!!!!!!xoxox

  2. Oh how wonderful to meet and HUG! I know that you all enjoyed your time together! I haven't met Chris but I sure feel like I know him! Their strength is amazing! God is working thru them in so many lives!

    Have a blessed day dear Lynda, HUGS!

  3. That is awesome that you have such a bond to help each other. May God bless you all! <3 you!

  4. That is wonderful...but I wish I could have been there!! :( I love all my marine families and love to sit and chat with them all!! Its like the really know what we are going through and understand all of our feelings!! I am so glad you got to meet The Rodgers family...THEY ARE SO SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL!! I so admire their strength!!!

    This is gonna be a tough week for me ahead and I knnow you know exactly how I am feeling! Justin will be home thursday for 8 day and then head back and get ready to go to the dreaded sand box!! :(

    Enjoy your day...LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!