Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yellow Ribbons For Billy.......

I've been looking in all of the craft stores since Billy left for yellow ribbons, I finally found some yesterday afternoon!!!! I bought the iron red, white & blue stars and then added a yellow ribbon to each one and fastened them to the hangers with yellow ribbon! They look so pretty hanging on the doors, I picked up a third one for the tree in our yard. I can look at it as I stand at the sink and look out over the backyard & think of him....

Ms. B my big helper was out there with me as I was tying it around the tree, she thought it was a game and kept climbing up to grab it ~ GRRRR!

We got an email from Billy this morning...he sent it Friday night but Mr. P hadn't been on to check his email...he's been out on patrol every night. He said that it still gets chilly overnight but has been up over 100 degrees during the day. MY heart breaks thinking of him and all of our troops over there and those that will be going over shortly....all we can do is pray and send out mail and care packages!

Well, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow is Monday, back to reality!

Love and hugs to all of you!

Ms. B Missing her Marine....


  1. Oh dear Lynda. My yellow ribbons are still up and I am leaving them up untill ALL of our boys are back home safe and sound. Love you bunches! I am steady praying!

  2. I am really praying now that Osama is gone our troops will start coming home. Billy first! Praying for him! Love you!

  3. RAH RAH RAH!!! praying for your Billy. LOOKEE...I can comment today...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Theresa sent me some tips and I just keep trying til I can get a comment to post and then I go crazy trying to catch up!!!! sending up little prayers for your insomnia and pain, and for Billy and ......I LOVE YOUR RIBBONS!!! yes..when Justin was there through the summer, it sometimes reached 120 in the heat of the a/c at all, and sometimes no showers for days on end. His dad said it would sure put hair on his chest....I just felt so bad for them, Justin always just said he was fine and it was what they made of it. Such a positive him. Keeping your guy in my prayers Lynda...SO GREAT to be able to comment here. I am happy tonight!!! RAH! xoxoxoxo hugs!